New Items!

-I have a new recipe book called "the New Scandinavian Baking Book" that has delicious recipes from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland. 

-I just received a new chocolate bar made in Poland called Kinder: Bueno. It is a chocolate covered wafer with a creamy hazelnut filling. It's delicious! Another new chocolate bar called Daim is made in Sweden and will be arriving soon. It has a crunchy caramel filling. 

-Due to several requests for a men's purple sock, I received a new men's Ozone sock with purple and blue stripes called Shifting Tides. 

-There is a colorful new Norwegian oven mitt with a matching pot holder. 

-Due to popular demand I now carry beautiful wool items including sweaters, capes, mittens, and hats handmade by women in Estonia. Includes one sweaters styles for men, and four sweater styles for women. Estonia is located just below Finland and Sweden. They are made of 90% wool and 10% polyester so they will  keep you warm and toasty. These items come in beautiful Scandinavian patterns and colors and will last forever. I'm very excited about this line, and I hope you enjoy these beautiful products as much as I do!





-Scandinavian food items including Norwegian rommegrot, Swedish cookies, and Lingonberry jam.

-Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, and Finnish (Finland) flags.  2'x3' and 3'x5'sizes available.

-Straw wreaths, straw animals, and straw Christmas ornaments and garland.

-Swedish dishcloths and carousels


-Jewelry from Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Iceland.

-Tomte figurines from Sweden.

-Decorative mugs, and more!

Scandinavian  Items

-Scandinavian cooking products: 2 lefse sticks, sugar spoon, electric krumkake baker with cone roller, recipes, and instructions, sandbakkelse tins, aebleskiver pan, corrugated rolling pin, pastry board with cloth replacements, lefse grill, Scandinavian cookbooks, lefse recipe holder and hot pad.

-Food products-
      *From Sweden: Ballerina chocolate cookies with a soft chocolate filling, and Lingonberry jam.
      *From Finland: Black licorice.
      *From Norway: Risengrot (rice pudding), Rommegrot (porridge or grits), Freia milk chocolate bars, and Freia milk chocolate bars with hazelnuts.
      *From Germany: Wild berry and sour lemon drops.

      *From Poland: Kinder- Bueno bars are a chocolate covered wafer with a hazelnut cream center. 
      *From Switzerland: Red currant jam.

      *From Holland: Wilhelmina mints.
      *From Scotland: Shortbread packs.

      *From Minnesota: Uffda Chips are made of deep fried potato lefse available in seasoned salt and cinnamon sugar flavors. 

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