Home Decor and Gift Items

 Jellycat has wonderful stuffed animals,  books, and baby items such as grabbers or rattles. The animals are incredibly soft and cute; and most have matching books.

Here are silk necklaces that are hand dyed along with ceramic pendants that are handmade in Arizona

These beautiful Minnesota Mittens are fleece lined, and are handmade in Minneapolis by individuals going through different forms of rehabilitation.  They will keep your hands warm and toasty in the cold winter!

Handmade soaps and lip balms made in Ames, Iowa are now in stock. Made from all natural ingredients.

Good Earth

-A small Wisconsin company that makes quality soaps, lotions, a face exfoliator, candles, lip balms, and dog shampoo, and bug spray from natural ingredients and herbs. Good Earth is owned by a young couple who grow many of the herbs in their own backyard near Green Bay, Wisconsin. Their products are great for people with sensitive skin. One of their more unique items is an all-natural bug spray without deet that truly works and smells good! They also just came up with an all-natural deodorant without aluminum. I tried one for myself and really liked it. It comes in a twist container like regular deodorant. If interested in trying this deodorant, please let me know and I will order some in!

Honey House Natural's

Bee Bar Lotion

Contains natural ingredients which moisturize and heal dry skin, including:

Beeswax, Vitamin E, and Jojoba Oil

Made in the USA

Romsey Art and Gifts

Janet Marie Felted Soaps

Handmade in Wisconsin

- These unique soaps are wrapped in dyed wool sourced from sheep and llama farms in Wisconsin. The wool shrinks with the soap.

- Soap made from natural palm, coconut, and olive oil.

- They leave your hands moist and smelling great.
- Do not leave a thick soap residue.

- Available in several scents and colors.

*Try them today!

Made in the USA

Beautiful religious items including inspirational frames, nativities, mugs and more.

Cashmere scarves made in Germany are available. These scarves are very soft and warm making them the perfect gift for men and women.

I was having a hard time finding good quality scented drawers liners for my bedroom furniture, and I finally found a great company called Scentennials. I assumed other people must be having a hard time finding these products as well, so I decided to carry them in my store. These beautiful scented drawer liners are made in the U.S.A and come in many different scents and patterns for various occasions. Please ask for more details.